trallfa group

full history


With a heritage in agriculture and a familiarity with mechanical industry, Nils Underhaug established and built up his own company, Trallefabrikken, a name that was later shortened to Trallfa. From the outset the factory produced trollies, wagons, transport systems and, famously, wheelbarrows. Trallfa ultimately became the leading manufacturer of unmotorised transport systems in the Nordic countries.


Trallfa commenced development of the world’s first industrial robot.


The robot was recruited for production at the Trallfa factory.


The Trallfa robot was commercialised.


A marketing partnership was instigated with DeVilbiss Company Toledo in Ohio, USA, a subsidiary of Champion Spark Plugs Inc.


Licensing agreement signed with Kobe Steel, Japan, for production of robots.


Division of company into Trallfa Robot and Trallfa Transport, which became single-focus businesses with proprietary goals and strategies.


Trallfa Robot moves into separate, new factory premises.


Licensing agreement signed with DeVilbiss for production of Trallfa robots in the North-American market.


Trallfa Handel is established as a marketing arm.


Trallfa erects new barrow factory at Håland. Trallfa Transport is established.
Trallfa Access is established, and building at Kvål is purchased.
Trallfa builds a barrow factory for production in Malaysia.
A new company is formed in West-Germany, Trallfa Gmbh, to reinforce our market strengths in the European market.
Simultaneously, a new generation of robots comes of age.


Trallfa sets up a dedicated sales arm in the USA, Trallfa US Inc.


By 1985, Trallfa Robot has 50% of the global market for industrial surface finishing robots. This business area evolves into one of the most commercial ventures in Norway.
Trallfa sells 51% of the shares in Trallfa Robot to ABB.
Trallfa Robot AS develops TRACS – a fully integrated, multi-robot system for the
surface finishing of cars.
Trallfa headquarters moves to Vågen, Sandnes.
Trallfa Access is wound up.


Trallfa sells 51% of the industrial venture in Malaysia.
Trallfa US Inc is sold.


Sale of Trallfa Handel.
Trallfa Robot delivers its first TRACS system to Fiat’s new car factory in Italy.


Trallfa sells remaining shares in Trallfa Robot to ABB, which thereby takes control. Trallfa’s robotic development has been robust and thorough, standing out as an example of how Trallfa Industrier intends to engage with other qualified partners in similar projects.


Construction of new headquarters in Gravarsveien, Sandnes.
Winding up of Trallfa True Temper Malaysia.
Trallfa acquires 15% of the shares in local plough-maker Kverneland, and 100% of barrow-maker Randersbøren AS in Denmark, who also owns other barrow factories at Richard in France and CA Industries in Northern Ireland.


Trallfa splits into two units: Trallfa and Trallfa Industrier.
Trallfa is owned 100% by Olav Underhaug.
Trallfa Industrier is owned by Olav, Finn and Rune Underhaug, plus Euroventures Nordica, who respond to a private share issue.
Trallfa itself splits into three enterprises: Trallfa, Troll and Inverto.


Sale of the Trallfa Transport building in Industriveien, Bryne. Now renamed Trallfavegen!
Trallfa establishes a commodity broker, Trallfa Tradebroker.
Trallfa Industrier sells off all shares held in Trallfa Ravendo and Randersbøren to Ginge.


Trallfa acquires 65% of the shares in Block Forsikring insurance from Block.


Trallfa Industrier sells the factory at Bryne to a local energy utility, Time Energi.


Sale of shares in Block Forsikring.
Sale of shares in plough-makers Kverneland.
Trallfa Industrier splits into four corporate units.
Olav Underhaug is 100% owner of Trallfa AS.
Purchase of offices at Aker Brygge, Oslo.


Trallfa Industrier
Acquires 50% of shares in Motorhuset. Establishes Double O Marketing, which publishes Norway’s original MC Exchange and Catalogue. Bike’n Rider concept is established.
Acquisition of 94.6% of shares in Rotoplast, Tvedestrand, now Trallfa Rotoplast.

Established Norheim Løwenstrasse (50% equity) to erect 470 sq.m building in Forus.
Established Trallfa Løwenstrasse (100% equity) to erect 2,300 sq.m commercial building in Forus.


Trallfa Industrier
Established Trallfa Løwenstrasse III, purchased 11,000 sq.m land plot in Forus. Established Trallfa Løwenstrasse II. Erection of 5,000 sq.m commercial building in Forus for completion in 1998, known as Trallfa Park. Established Trallfa Dybvig, acquiring 17,000 sq.m business premises in Arendal.


Trallfa Industrier AS
Merger with RøSi Invest, including RøSi Eiendom, SR Transport, Nortemp Spedisjon, Jærterminalen and mobile crane contractors Kristiansund Kranservice. As a result, Trallfa Industrier is owned by Olav Underhaug and Bjørn Røstad.
Sale of Double O Marketing.


Trallfa Industrier
Sale of Trallfa Industrier’s 50% equity in Bike’n Rider Norway.
Established property at Trallfa Bankplassen and acquired Langgaten 54 in Sandnes.
Established Trallfa Tananger and acquired Plattformveien 2-4 in Tananger.


Trallfa Industrier
Sale of Løwenstrasse II AS, Luramyrveien 79, to Einar von Hirsch.
Sale of Trallfa Løwenstrasse AS, Luramyrveien 75, to Einar von Hirsch.


Sale of Trallfa’s 50% equity in Norheim Løwenstrasse.

Trallfa Industrier
Established Trallfa Sanitus, acquired 38.8% of shares in dental health enterprise, Tannhelseklinikken Holding. Established Trallfa Forus I. Construction of 2 730 m2 commercial premises for Toys r’ Us.


Trallfa Industrier
Acquisition of land plot for MegaFlis and Expert at Forus. Establishment of Trallfa Forus IV AS.


Trallfa Industrier
Completion of Unit I in Trallfa Gården, Trallfa Løwenstrasse III.
Trallfa Industrier moves into new headquarters in Trallfa Gården.
Established Trallfa Solasplitten I and acquired Lagerveien 24, 4033 Stavanger.


Trallfa Industrier
Sale of plot in Forus, Trallfa Bærheim.
Sale of Trallfa Forus I.
Acquisition of land plot at Lura on Luramyrveien 40. Establishment of Trallfa Tvillinggården AS.
Acquired consolidated majority in Colosseum Dental.


Trallfa Industrier
Trallfa Rotoplast is amalgamated with Partnerplast, Trallfa Industrier owns 5% of the company.
Demerger of Trallfa Industrier into Trallfa Industrier and Røsi Invest.


Trallfa Industrier
Acquired offices at Tjuvholmen, Oslo.
Acquired 50% stake in Strandgaten 41, Sandnes.
Established Trallfa Solasplitten II. Entered into agreement with Smith International Norway.
Trallfa Solasplitten II purchases 15,500 sq.m plot in Forus.
Trallfa Forus IV erects 2,717 sq.m commercial building, leased to MegaFlis Holding, and 3,128 sq.m commercial premises, leased to Expert Norge.
Sale of shares in Trallfa Dybvig.


Trallfa Industrier
Establishmenr of Trallfa Trolls, owned 60% by Trallfa Industrier.
Purchase of 100% of Trolls of Norway AS.
Sale of Trallfa Bankplassen.
Sale of shares in Trallfa Løwenstrasse III AS to Pareto Investorservice ASA.
Sale of shares in Trallfa Forus IV AS to Pareto Investorservice ASA
Sale of shares in Strandgaten 41 AS to Kruse Smith Eiendom.
Sale of Trallfa Solasplitten II AS to a syndicate of Sandnes Sparebank, SSB Næringseiendom.
Sale of Colosseumklinikken Legeavdeling.


Trallfa Industrier
Purchase of property at Fister.
Purchase of shares in Jæren Skoglag.
Purchase of shares in Norsk Kraft, 40% ownership stake.
Acquisition of property in Klepp and establishment of Trallfa Storhauggården.
Sale of shares in Trolls of Norway.


Sale of offices in Aker Brygge, Oslo.
Trallfa administration relocates into new head office at Trallfa Tvillinggården AS.
Development of Trallfa Potteridokken begins. Land plot at Indre Vågen, Sandnes centre.


Trallfa Industrier
Sale of shares in Colosseum Dental to IK.
Sale of Trallfa Trolls and Trollheia Eiendom.
Storhauggården fully refurbished and leased out.
Signing of Cooperation Agreement and Deed of Association for Gravarsveien area. Municipal zoning commenced.


Trallfa Industrier
Sale of premises at Trallfa Solasplitten I. Conveyance of parcel of land, 871 sq.m in Borough of Sola, to Trallfa Solasplitten X.

Trallfa Capital
Merger of Trallfa Industrier and B. Underhaug into Trallfa Capital.


Sale of Trallfa Solasplitten X to syndicate in DnB.
Purchase of Langgt. 12 in Sandnes. Establishment of Trallfa Focus AS.


Trallfa Capital
Administration relocates to new premises at Langggaten 12, Sandnes.
Establishment of Trallfa AS and B. Underhaug AS.
Sale of shares in Nordskog.

Trallfa purchases Nordbøgata 9A, Stavanger (20% interest).
Establishment of Nordbøgata 9A AS, Huset på Holmen. Development of property.


Trallfa partners with Harald Espedal’s company to establish Vestvendt Eiendom, with 50/50 equity holding. Trallfa and Vestvendt Eiendom purchase Østervåg 30, Stavanger, home to Le Café Francais. Trallfa moves into new premises in Nordbøgata 9A, Stavanger.


Purchase of boathouse property at Ølberg, Sola municipality.
Construction of commercial building in Klepp, Trallfa Storhauggården. Tenant: Avetti Motor AS.


Norsk Kraft Holding AS sells all shares in NK Småkraft AS to OBOS Energi AS.


Generational change
Demerger of Trallfa Capital AS into two companies: Trallfa Capital AS and Trallfa Underhaug AS. Merete Underhaug, Berit Underhaug Waage and Marit Underhaug together own 100% of Trallfa Underhaug.


Trallfa Capital
Establishment of Trallfa Cannes AS
Purchase of apartment property in Port Robinson, Cannes.

Trallfa Underhaug
Sale of boathouse property at Ølberg in Sola municipality.